It all started with our first restaurant in the cozy neighborhood of Inman Square, Cambridge. The vision was to be a fun gathering place with friends, a casual date spot, a nice Sunday night dinner with family, and a great after-work place for drinks and solid food.

Food is love. It is the beginning and the end. Love needs to be true to the roots. We start with quality spices and ingredients, never adulterating it by adding MSG or other enhancers. Then, there are the chefs, each extensively trained to bring out the best in the ingredients using the skill of traditional wok cooking. Our dishes are crafted via stir-frying, pan-searing, steaming, water blanching, frying, wok-cooking ~ we don’t believe a microwave to be an acceptable cooking method.

We strive to provide a solid variety of Asian comfort food that you can come to love and have a lot of fun with in sharing the experience with friends. There is something for everyone (vegetarians & gluten-free fans included).

Come visit us at any of our 3 homes… Symphony Hall, Watertown Center, and Mission Hill. Serving up a great experience is our passion!